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Život i škola (Life and School) is a journal for the theory and practice of education, and it is one of the oldest Croatian pedagogical journals. We are looking forward to collaborate with you. In order for our cooperation to be more successful, we kindly ask you to comply with the following guidelines that apply to this journal when writing and submitting your work.


Papers should be submitted in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice document. The manuscript should be written in Times New Roman font, font size 12, except in tables and charts where the font size should be 10. The spacing should be 1.15, and the maximum size of the manuscript should not exceed 12 pages together with the literature. It is preferable for the abstract to be written up to 300 words with 3 to 5 keywords written in alphabetical order. The manuscripts that have the research should be aligned with the following proposal: Introduction, Review of relevant literature, Methodology, Research results and interpretation, Discussion, Conclusion. The manuscript (all parts of it) should be written in Croatian and English or only in English. The authors are solely responsible for the linguistic quality of the text. Manuscripts that have not been edited as directed by the journal will not be referred for further procedure.

Graphic appendices should be in black and white because of the way the journal is printed. All graphic appendices and tables should be numbered and have titles. The names of the tables should be placed above and the figures and charts below.

The journal Život i škola (Life and School) uses the APA standard for citing and bibliographic reference. When using someone else's ideas, information, terms, etc., the source should be given in parentheses so that it contains the author's surname, year of publication, and page number if it is a literal quote, for example (Mužić, 2000, 151). All works cited in the text should be listed alphabetically or chronologically in the case of the same author. Since the journal also has an Internet version, it is also possible to include links in the text in relation to individual attachments (pictures, videos, own texts, etc.), which makes the work more informative. Only the sources you used in the work should be listed in the literature, indicating the author or authors, year of publication in brackets, title of work, place, and publisher (see instructions for APA citation and bibliographic references).

The paper should be sent by e-mail to or on the website using the electronic form.

All submitted manuscripts are subject to two anonymous reviews, and if necessary, the manuscripts can be sent to a third reviewer and, if there are any comments or suggestions, we will send you a revised text and ask you to modify or adjust the work to the requirements of the reviewers. If you do not agree with the reviewers' comments, please explain this in your answer. If the reviewers differ in their evaluation of the paper, we will hire a third reviewer, and the final decision is made by the Editorial Board. Our goal is not to reject your work, but to make them better.

The papers are categorized as research and professional papers. The research papers are further categorized as an original research paper, a preliminary communication and a review paper.

Original research paper contains the original theoretical discussions and practical research results. This includes theoretical discussions on the fundamental issues of education, basic and applied research, summative and formative evaluation research and action research. For this type of paper it is important to show clearly defined and consistently applied methodology. Equally valuable are the qualitative and quantitative research approaches.

Preliminary communication is also a scientific paper that shows the results of the research that is still in progress, but due to importance the first results are being published. It is a paper that contains new scientific data and a clear methodological approach, but the results cannot yet be considered final and still cannot be checked.

Review paper presents a comprehensive overview of the state and tendencies of the development of specific areas of the theory on education, as well as the methodological approaches and the application of certain theoretical approaches and practice analysis. Such paper includes the critical attitude of the author, as well as an overview of relevant literature on the discussed issues.

Professional paper is primarily aimed at developing practice and, with the knowledge of relevant theoretical approaches and sources, primarily discusses the practical experience of the authors and the problems that arise in practice.

The author can suggest the categorization of the paper when submitting it, but the final decision is reached by the Editorial board on the recommendation of the reviewers.


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